Kagando Stove

Multi-Saver Stove, Uganda, 2008.


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What can I do?

Aim to improve the key areas of your life first:

  • Water:  we all need clean water for drinking, washing and cooking.
  • Food:  if you don't have enough food, try to grow some - it is possible in a small bag, or a window box.
  • Cooking:  is collecting firewood too much of a struggle?  Does fuel cost too much?  You could build yourself a fuel efficient cooking stove, and save fuel, money, time and your health.
  • Money:  we all need money to buy things.  If we can't get a job the best way of earning money is to find something to make or grow, or to provide a service that other people will pay for - so start a business.
  • Health:  staying healthy is so important.  So if you have health problems try to improve your situation:  if malaria is a problem, try to buy and use a mosquito net.  If diarrhoea and sickness is a problem, try to develop a cleaner water supply, build a latrine, and improve hygiene - even washing hands after the toilet, and before cooking or eating, can help.
  • Sanitation:  we all need to go to the toilet.  If all you have is the bush outside, try to build a latrine.
  • Housing: 



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