Kagando Stove

Multi-Saver Stove, Uganda, 2008.


Africadev - Self Help Developments for Africa


Job Creation:


Why?                             (Top of page)

If you don't have a job or an income, consider starting your own business.

Think of the things that you and your neighbours need, want, and could afford to buy, particularly things that are not currently available in your area – that could be be the start of a new business.  Consider realistically what you could do, what skills you have learnt or could learn. 

  • Consider growing a crop that you could sell, or keeping chickens, goats or cows, or bees.
  • Consider craft making for tourists:  cards, wood carving, mats, jewellery, traditional clothes and toys, a model house, village, or animals.
  • Consider providing a service:  spring protection, rainwater collection, stove building, water delivery, water piping, village phone service, internet café, photocopier service, …

A wide range of local hand made articles may be of interest to foreign visitors, who may be willing to pay a high price for goods:

  Statues made of clay    

Aims                             (Top of page)

A business might have several aims, including:

-              Providing employment, an income, for yourself and others.

-              Providing goods or services to your community, or people elsewhere.

-              Earning a profit, for yourself or investors.







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