Kagando Stove

Multi-Saver Stove, Uganda, 2008.


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Hygien                           (Top of page)

Some simple, free actions can greatly improve health and hygiene:

  • Washing hands after using the toilet. 
  • Covering faeces with ash or soil can reduce flies - and flies carry diseases from the toilet to food. 
  • Covering the squat hole of a latrine with a piece of wood, to keep the pit dark and free from flies.
  • Covering food, keeping the flies off the food, is another simple, free, solution.
  How to How to  (Illustration reproduced from http://tilz.tearfund.org/Publications/Footsteps+21-30/Footsteps+30/The+Tippy+Tap.htm by permission.  Copyright Tearfund UK 2005).  

Malaria                             (Top of page)

Malaria is a huge problem in some areas.  If you live in such an area, if you or your family or neighbours get malaria, then try to protect yourself:

  • Get mosquito nets for your family, and use them - especially for the children before they get ill.
  • Cover up in the evenings - the less bare skin for mosquitoes to bite the better.
  • Remove standing water around the garden - mosquitoes breed in still water, so try to eliminate puddles and ponds, and cover any water tanks.

HIV / Aids                             (Top of page)

HIV and Aids present a huge health problem.  HIV is spread by contact with bodily fluids.  One way to help protect yourself against HIV is to only have sex with one person:  your wife or husband.