Kagando Stove

Multi-Saver Stove, Uganda, 2008.

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We all need food.  If you have land the cheapest and best way to get food is to grow it yourself.  And maybe a good way to earn money is to grow food to sell.  We all need a variety of food - not just a single crop - because variety gives us a better range of vitamins and nutrients.

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Plants need food.  Agriculture needs a healthy soil - but most plants take goodness out of the soil.  One excellent free way to put goodness back is to make compost.  Compost is rotted waste organic matter, and can include kitchen waste, animal manure, human waste (faeces and urine), waste paper, plant remains, leaves, grass, etc.  To rot well it should be collected in a pile, kept moist, and have amounts of soil  added, and earth worms when possible.  Dig the pile over every few weeks to assist decomposition.  Rotting may take from 6 months to 1 year, and then the compost can be returned to the soil: used as a mulch on the surface around plants, or dug into the soil.

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