Kagando Stove

Multi-Saver Stove, Uganda, 2008.


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What can I do?

All of us could probably improve our lives – if we only knew how, or had someone to show us how.  This website attempts to give some ideas, to show what is possible, and to show how, or link you to someone who can show you how.    

Why should I bother?

Why should you bother?  Maybe you think life is too hard, maybe you are too poor?  But improving your life is good, is fun, and will make your life easier.  Don’t wait for someone to come along and give you some money – that may never happen.  Instead try to earn some money for yourself, try to do what you can to help yourself and your family.

So many people have worked hard developing wonderful solutions to problems in Africa.  This web site is aimed at helping spread the solutions developed by others.

It will cost too much!

Many of the solutions cost nothing, or nearly nothing to implement - and many can lead to opportunities to create a business and earn an income by helping others.

A personal note:

I have twice worked in Africa on short term projects.  My first experience was to help install protected springs, as part of a gravity fed water supply.  I am a trained water engineer, with an MSc in Hydrology, but I didn't know how to protect a spring, and it was difficult to find suitable training materials before I went - fortunately I worked with highly skilled Ugandan staff.  I felt such a need for simple training materials to show me, and the people I met, how to protect the springs.

On my second visit I showed some friends photos of fuel efficient stoves - and again a skilled Ugandan worker, a potter, was able to take my faltering ideas and small knowledge, and to build a clay stove.  In the following weeks he developed other better designs, and  has since made several hundred stoves, and I hope will continue to develop a good business.  I have tried testing other designs at home, but it is remarkably difficult without clear instructions.  Today I tried to make moulds for a 6 brick stove - but what shape and size to cut the bits of wood?

So I recognize the need for simple instructions on "how to ...".  How to build a stove, protect a spring, collect rainwater, purify drinking water, ... ...  The instructions should be simple yet detailed enough to enable someone with a will to achieve working results.

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